Holiday Gifts for the Visually Impaired and Others

Many have asked me from time to time what the best gifts are for those that are blind or visually impaired and while I have a few suggestions, I think you will find that at the top of the list we all have the same favorites.

1. Pocket money brailler

A great gift for the blind or vision impaired is a pocket money brailler, that can mark bills from $1 to $100. It is small and compact and can be clipped to a keychain or slipped into a pocket. Average cost is around $7.

Pocket money brailler - Zoomax

Pocket money brailler

2. Hand-held braille labeler

Another nifty gift for around $25 is a hand-held braille labeler. Although the cost is around $25 it is a million-dollar life saver for the visually impaired.

Hand-held braille labeler - Zoomax

Braille labeler

3. Talking clock, watch and keychain

Talking clocks, watches and keychains also make great gifts and stocking stuffers. Prices start around $9 and go up from there. There are several items that will fit most budgets.

Talking clocks, watches and keychains - Zoomax

Talking clocks and keychains

4. Braille dice and card

Braille dice and cards are a great gift for those who enjoy playing games with family and friends. Prices start around $5.

Braille dice and cards - Zoomax

Braille cards

5. Talking and large print measuring cup

For those that love to cook, talking and large print measuring cups are sure to be a success.

Talking and large print measuring cups - Zoomax

Large print measuring cups

6. Video magnifier

On the higher end of the scale are video magnifiers. These can help with everyday needs from reading the mail, pill bottles, menus to reading an entire book. There are several available on today's market and the prices ranges from around $200 to over $1000. These have so many capabilities from the hand-held to the stationery.

Video Magnifier - Zoomax

Video magnifiers

7. Audio books

Audio books are on the top of the list for both the sighted and the visually impaired.

Audio books - Zoomax

Audio books

8. Daily use gadget

Scented candles and music are also great gifts and who doesn't love a soft down comforter or fleece throw?

Scented candles - ZoomaxDown comforter - Zoomax

Scented candles and down comforter

9. Gift card

Gift cards to a favorite restaurant or store make a great gift and that gift becomes even more special when the giver shares the dining or shopping experience with them.

Gift cards - Zoomax

Gift cards

There is no greater or more treasured gift than your time and that tops everyone's list this holiday season.

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