Snow 10 Pro
Feel More Beyond Big!
Zoomax Snow 10 Pro is the perfect blend of portability, affordability, and advanced functionality typically found in devices costing much more. Standard features include OCR and speech, and a 3-way camera that adjusts for distance viewing, reading, or as a mirror. With an MP3 music player, the ability to store 1,000 images, and magnification to 19x, Snow 10 Pro delivers!
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20 Languages Text-to-speech

Did you ever try to listen to the morning newspaper when roasting your toast? The food aroma matches daily news well in every pleasant morning. Snow 10 Pro can read the newspaper out, allowing you to enjoy listening when having morning coffee. 20 languages* setting can be a great help if you want to listen to books in other languages. Intuitively you can even decide which part you prefer to listen first!

* More languages are coming.

Reader Mode for Lengthy Article

Even affected by tunnel vision, distortion or other poor eye conditions, reading long text can be cozier with help of Snow 10 Pro Reader Mode. Simply take a photo, magnify it, and pan horizontally and vertically with reading line; you will feel like you are reading an e-book, yet more simplified. View in the lowest magnification (1.3x) can also be very sharp. Reader Mode initiated by Zoomax will be your exclusive choice to read more compared with general video magnifiers.

Flexible 3-way View

Hard to do makeups on your own when you receive a party invitation? More than ever, Snow 10 Pro self-view mode makes the beauty independent. You are now able to magnify your visage to ensure eyeliner and lipstick applied properly as well as to take a look of the hairs before leaving home. Beyond close and distance view, self-view is what you now deserve.

Audio Playing

Your friends may download some songs and audio books in a USB drive for you when they pay you a visit. It will never be a problem to play them now; with Snow 10 Pro, the FIRST audio playing video magnifier, all you need to do is connect the USB drive to Snow 10 Pro and check the list displayed. Enjoy the music and audio book wherever you want!

Other Key Traits

2 Hours Fast Charging

The fast charging is now available. No 5 hours charging time is required; only 2 hours, just time of a siesta, Snow 10 Pro will be fully charged and ready to be taken wherever you want to go.

1.5 G Memory Capacity

2-way image transmission between PC and big storage for up to 1,000 pictures enable Snow 10 Pro users to see more images. Homework papers taken by the device, your dog's pictures stored in laptop, and other old photos… save/transfer and view them all in Snow 10 Pro!

Standby Mode

Just a short press! Thanks to standby mode, you can enjoy longer, smoother and more continuous view time with your Snow 10 Pro.


  ● Text-to-speech (in 20 languages currently and more are coming)

  ● Full page scan & reading

  ● Reader Mode for lengthy articles reading

  ● Close/Distance view & Self-view

  ● Audio file playable

  ● Pictures/audio files accessible in USB drive

  ● 1.5 G Storage up to 1,000 images

  ● 2-way image transmission between PC/laptop and device

  ● Stand-by Mode

  ● 2 hours fast charging

  ● Horizontal and vertical reading line and masks

  ● LED light controls (4 types in total)

     Snow 10 Pro LED Light Control


Magnification2.0X ~ 19X (non text-to-speech or reader mode)
Display ModesSnow 10 Pro high contrast colors

Full color and 10 high contrast color modes
Screen10 touch screen
Screen Resolution1280 × 720p
Camera13M pixels
FocusAuto focus/tap to focus
Viewing Distance5 m
Reading Line and Masks

Adjustable horizontal/vertical reading line and masks, 4 types in total

ConnectionConnection to TV/Monitor through micro-HDMI cable
Input PortType-C/Micro-HDMI
Battery3 hours

(depending on lights, brightness, and frequency of photo scanning)
Charging Time2 hours
Standby ModeShort press the Power button or stop using after 3 minutes
Weight937 g / 33 oz.
Dimensions280 mm × 190 mm × 20.9 mm / 11" × 7.5" × 0.82"

Magnification1.3X ~ 8X in real time before entering user interface
User InterfaceImage user interface/Text user interface

No magnification/color mode adjustment is available in image user interface
Language20 (more are coming)
Full Page ReadingAvailable
Voice GenderFemale/Male (6 languages available only in female)
Zoom Level (Text user interface)7 magnification levels
Text Color (Text user interface)

4 high contrast color modes

Reader Mode
Lowest Magnification1.3X (magnification is fixed in Reader Mode real time)
Reading Line and Masks


Snow 10 Pro reading line and masks

Text Color

4 high contrast color modes

Power Adapter
Input100 - 240V

Operation and Storage Condition
Humidity< 70%
Temperature10-40 ℃

Zoomax Handheld Video Magnifier Snow 10 Pro - Feel More Beyond Big
Zoomax Handheld Video Magnifier Snow 10 Pro - Instructional Video
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