Snow 10 Pro
Feel More Beyond Big!
Zoomax Snow 10 Pro is the perfect blend of portability, affordability, and advanced functionality typically found in devices costing much more. Standard features include OCR and speech, and a 3-way camera that adjusts for distance viewing, reading, or as a mirror. With an MP3 music player, the ability to store 1,000 images, and magnification to 19x, Snow 10 Pro delivers!
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Announcement Video

Unique Handheld Magnifier with Speech

Don't just magnify your world. Snow 10 Pro features clear, human-sounding speech that literally brings the printed word to life.

Maintaining an Active Lifestyle has Never Been Easier

Don't let a visual impairment slow you down. With Snow 10 Pro, accessing the world of print is as easy as ABC. Place Snow 10 Pro over virtually any printed material, press a button, and seconds later hear the words spoken out loud as they are highlighted. Amazing!

Zoomax Snow 10 Pro Handheld Video Magnifier - Maintaining an Active Lifestyle has Never Been Easier

High Accuracy Improves the Study Experience

For students who struggle to read, learning can be both frustrating and time consuming. When we struggle with comprehension, we may need to re-read the same passage of text. But with the world-leading OCR and speech technology inside Snow 10 Pro, converting printed text into speech is fast and easy. The combined visual and auditory approach to reading with Snow 10 Pro improves learning outcomes.

Zoomax Snow 10 Pro Handheld Video Magnifier - High Accuracy Improves the Study Experience

Improved Productivity

We've all been there. It's a busy day at work, and there isn't enough time left in the day to get it all done. While Snow 10 Pro cannot do your work for you, it can make things easier. Instead of slowly reading magnified print, sit back with headphones and let Snow 10 Pro read to you instead. Choose between a male and female voice and select the reading speed you prefer. It's easy with the incredible Snow 10 Pro.

Zoomax Snow 10 Pro Handheld Video Magnifier - Improved Productivity

Supports English and 19 Other Languages

Touring the world is easier with Snow 10 Pro. It supports 20 different languages including English.

Zoomax Snow 10 Pro Handheld Video Magnifier - Snow 10 Pro 20 languages text-to-speech

Listen to PDF, RTF, and TXT Files

Why spend weeks or months making school curriculum accessible for students with visual impairments when Snow 10 can do the work for you in a matter of seconds? If your curriculum exists electronically in formats like PDF, just copy those files to Snow 10 Pro and immediately view materials in magnified form, or have the text spoken with human-sounding speech.

Print materials? No problem, use the OCR feature in Snow 10 Pro to take a photo of a page of text, and moments later be listening to words being spoken out loud.

Zoomax Snow 10 Pro Compatible with AIM in PDF Format

Save and Export Your Work

Normal magnifiers only magnify. Snow 10 Pro has an amazing storage capacity that lets you save up to 1,000 images in either JPG image format, or RTF text format for use on other devices such as your PC. Copying files to a Windows computer is fast and easy using the supplied USB cable.

Save Speech Materials as JPG TXT RTF - Snow 10 Pro

Voice Prompts

When you enter the menu in Snow 10 Pro to change a setting, switch from one reading mode to another, or simply adjust the reading volume or speed, you will hear short concise voice messages confirming the action. This verbal feedback is especially helpful when using Snow 10 Pro for the first time.

Voice Prompts - Snow 10 Pro

Helpful Reader Mode for Lengthy Articles

For many people with low vision – especially those with tunnel vision or eye conditions that make things appear distorted – reading lengthy articles or passages of text can be difficult and tiring. Reader Mode in Snow 10 Pro addresses these issues.

It's easy to use.

1. Take a picture of the text or page that you wish to read. Reader Mode uses all 13 million pixels in the camera to produce a beautiful image.

2. Press a button to see your choice of a horizontal or vertical reading line, helping you stay on track as you read.

3. When you get to the end of a line, a short tap in the upper-left corner of the screen moves the focus instantly to the beginning of the line. 

4. Move to the next line down and repeat.

Reader Mode is all new, and it's only available in Snow 10 Pro.

Zoomax Snow 10 Pro Reader Mode

Three Flexible Viewing Modes

Reading with Snow 10 Pro is performed while in the Close, or normal viewing mode. If you fold the reading stand, the unit will announce that is in Distance viewing mode. The camera changes direction so that you can study things that are further away, such as signs on a wall or a person on the other side of the room. And if you want to check your hair or apply makeup, select the Self viewing mode, and the camera changes direction to face you.

Zoomax Snow 10 Pro 3-way viewing

Other Features and Benefits

Audio Playing

If you have favorite songs that you enjoy listening to, or you're in the middle of an audio book, this feature is for you. Copy your audio files to a USB memory stick, and connect it to Snow 10 Pro. Moments later, you can be listening to those same files directly on Snow 10 Pro, the first video magnifier to offer such support.

Zoomax Snow 10 Pro Audio Playing

Fast Charging in Just 2 Hours

Other video magnifiers can take up to 5 hours to charge. Only Snow 10 Pro features amazing Fast Charge technology that can fully charge an empty battery in just 2 hours. With Snow 10 Pro and Fast Charging, you will always be ready for anything.

Zoomax Snow 10 Pro 2 hour fast charing

Unrivaled Storage Capacity

With Snow 10 Pro, it's finally possible to copy images and other files to and from a Windows computer. With industry-leading capacity, Snow 10 Pro has space for up to 1,000 images.

Use the storage for family photos, audio files, documents, virtually anything. Best of all, copying these types of files back and forth really easy.

Zoomax Snow 10 Pro 1.5g memory capacity

Standby Mode

Just a short press of the Power Button is all it takes! Thanks to Standby Mode, you can enjoy Snow 10 Pro for longer periods of time on a single charge.

Zoomax Snow 10 Pro stand-by mode

easeScan Accessory (Optional)

The all-new easeScan is an external document camera specially made for Snow 10 Pro. With easeScan, you can scan whole pages up to A4 in size (210mm × 297mm, or 8.27″ × 11.69″). When the button is pressed on Snow 10 Pro to capture an image of the page, easeScan performs the task in a fraction of a second. Pages can be placed sideways or upside-down; Snow 10 Pro automatically orients the page for you.

More information is available here.

easeScan Accessory (Optional) - Snow 10 Pro


● Text-to-speech (in 20 languages currently and more are coming)

● Full page scan & reading

● Reader Mode for lengthy articles reading

● Close/Distance view & Self-view

● Audio file playable

● Pictures/audio files accessible in USB drive

● 1.5 GB Storage up to 1,000 images

● 2-way image transmission between PC/laptop and device

● Stand-by Mode

● 2 hours fast charging

● Horizontal and vertical reading line and masks

● LED light controls (4 types in total)

     Snow 10 Pro LED Light Control



2.0X ~ 19X (non text-to-speech or reader mode)

Display Modes

Snow 10 Pro high contrast colors

Full color and 10 high contrast color modes


10 touch screen

Screen Resolution

1280 × 720p


13M pixels


Auto focus/tap to focus

Viewing Distance

5 m

Reading Line and Masks

Adjustable horizontal/vertical reading line and masks, 4 types in total


Connection to TV/Monitor through micro-HDMI cable

Input Port



3 hours

(depending on lights, brightness, and frequency of photo scanning)

Charging Time

2 hours

Standby Mode

Short press the Power button or stop using after 3 minutes


937 g / 33 oz.


280 mm × 190 mm × 20.9 mm / 11" × 7.5" × 0.82"



1.3X ~ 8X in real time before entering user interface

User Interface

Image user interface/Text user interface

No magnification/color mode adjustment is available in image user interface


20 (more are coming)

Full Page Reading


Voice Gender

Female/Male (6 languages available only in female)

Zoom Level (Text user interface)

7 magnification levels

Text Color (Text user interface)

4 high contrast color modes

Reader Mode

Lowest Magnification

1.3X (magnification is fixed in Reader Mode real time)

Reading Line and Masks


Snow 10 Pro reading line and masks

Text Color

4 high contrast color modes

Power Adapter


100 - 240V



Operation and Storage Condition


< 70%


10-40 ℃

Zoomax Handheld Video Magnifier Snow 10 Pro - Feel More Beyond Big
Zoomax Handheld Video Magnifier Snow 10 Pro - Instructional Video
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