Aids for Vision Impaired People in Finland

There are about 80 000 visually impaired people in Finland. Roughly 10 000 of them are blind. About 80% of the visually impaired are elderly people and 6% (1500) are under 18 years of age. About 10,000 visually impaired people are in their working-age. (FFVI)

Providing the low vision aids to visually impaired people is quite significant.

Here we will introduce some low vision centers in Finland.

Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired (FFVI)

Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired is a special service provider with a social element as well as an advocacy organization for the blind and the partially sighted.

The aim of the Federation is to secure the blind and visually impaired an equal status with other Finnish citizens. The services of the Federation are available for all who need information and/or counseling about seeing regardless of official diagnosis of visual impairment or association membership.

Add: Marjaniementie 74 FIN-00030 IIRIS Finland

Tel. +358-9-396 041

The Helsinki and Uusimaa Association for Visually Impaired (HUN)

HUN is the blind and partially sighted people's own organisation. HUN is the biggest member association of the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired. More than 2200 visually impaired people are the members of HUN. Most of the association's service and activity spaces are located in the Service and Activity Centre for Visually Impaired in Helsinki called Iiris. HUN embraces also 6 local societies for visually impaired. The focus of HUN is to provide services for the visually impaired so that they may choose to lead fuller and more independent lives.

Add: Marjaniementie 74, 00930 Helsinki, Finland

Tel: (09) 396 041 (switchboard)

Visually Impaired Children Association

Visually Impaired Children Association's inaugural meeting was held in Tuusula compound at 11 June 1970. In today's visually-impaired children association,the severice is involved in different age-sighted, blind and multi-disabled children of families from all over the Finnish.

Add: Malminkaari 15 A, FI-00700 Helsinki

Tel: (09) 752 2540

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