Aids for Visually Impaired People in Sweden

To find a low vision specialist in Sweden, you can contact the following organizations:

Synskadades Riksförbund

Synskadades Riksförbund is a non-profit organization for the visually impaired. They work in three dimensions, in local associations, district and national federations. And pursue an active international cooperation in the Nordic region, Europe and globally.

Add: Sandsborgsvägen 52, 122 88 Enskede

Email: /

Stockholm Eye Center

Stockholm Eye Center is a resource for anyone with visual impairment in the county. Syncentralens task is to give visually impaired people a good position to cope with their daily lives, quality of life and independence through habilitation and rehabilitation, and other collaborative efforts.

Add: Box 139, 125 23 ÄLVSJÖ Besök: Bergtallsvägen 10, plan 2, ÄLVSJÖ

Tel: 08-123 366 00

Syncentralen Kalmar

Syncentralen Kalmar is in the eye clinic and is for those who are sight loss. Their goal is to provide a good, individualized habilitation / rehabilitation, both practically and socially, based on your needs.

Add: House 48, 5th floor, Lasarettsvägen 1, Kalmar

Tel: 0480-84189

Örebro län Syncentralen

It works with the habilitation and rehabilitation of the visually impaired of all ages. They can give you advice on how best to cope with daily life. Their training can improve your function and ability - to practice the new strategies to cope with daily life.

Add: Folkungagatan 33, Örebro

Tel: 019-602 96 00

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