Disability Resource in USA

This page contains organizations providing services for groups with disabilities (low vision/blindness included) recommended by our end-users mostly. Each link will open in a new window.

The Viscardi Center

The Viscardi Center, a network of non-profit organizations, provides a lifespan of services that educate, employ and empower people with disabilities.

201 I.U. Willets Road

Albertson, NY 11507

Tel: 516.465.1400

Email: info@viscardicenter.org


Macular Degeneration Foundation (MDF)

The Macular Degeneration Foundation (MDF) was founded in 1991 by Edmund J. Alexandrovich as a 501c3 tax-exempt charitable medical research and educational foundation. It funds promising scientific studies designed to find a cure for macular degeneration, inhibit its progression, and restore the vision of afflicted ones.

P.O. Box 531313 Henderson, Nevada 89053

Tel: 888-633-3937 (USA) 702-450-2908 (Intl)

Email: liz@eyesight.org


The International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet(ICDRI)

The International Center for Disability Resources (ICDRI), founded in 1998, is a non-profit center based in the United States and designated as a 501 (c)(3) entity. seeks to increase opportunities for people with disabilities by identifying barriers to participation in society and promoting best practices and universal design for the global community.

4312 Birchlake Court

Alexandria, VA 22309

Tel: 919 349 6661

Email: icdri@icdri.org


Association of Blind Citizens (ABC)

The mission of the Association of Blind Citizens (ABC) is to advance relevant causes, increase opportunities in education, employment, cultural, recreational and other life activities, as well as enhance the social, political, and economic well-being for all people who are blind or visually impaired.

PO Box 246

Holbrook, MA 02343

Tel: (781) 654-2000

Email: president@blindcitizens.org


New York Institute for Special Education(NYISE)

The New York Institute for Special Education(NYISE) is a private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonsectarian educational facility which provides quality programs for children who are blind or visually disabled, emotionally and learning disabled and preschoolers who are developmentally delayed.

999 Pelham Parkway, Bronx, NY 10469

Tel: (718) 519-7000

Email: info@nyise.org


American Foundation for Blind

Founded in 1921, the American Foundation for Blind has spent nearly a century ensuring that individuals who are blind or visually impaired have access to the information, technology, education, and legal resources they need to live independent and productive lives.

2 Penn Plaza, Suite 1102

New York, NY 10121

Tel: (212) 502-7600

E-mail: vishal@afb.net


Department of Rehabilitation Services (DORS)

Our programs, policies and practices are designed to promote employment, independence, equal access and self-sufficiency for people with disabilities. We strive to be a resource for information and technical assistance for other stakeholders in Connecticut as well.

55 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, CT 06105-3730

Tel: 800-537-2549

Email: kathleen.sullivan@ct.gov


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