Low Vision Resources in France

There are about 65,000 totally blind and 1,200,000 sight impaired (severe and less severe) in France. This raises the question of terminology which apparently still needs to be settled so that accurate data and strategic planning for this group of people can be achieved. Efforts are being made to adopt a functional definition which would not only take the medical aspects into account but also the impact on the basic daily skills of the person with reduced vision.

Below is a list of low vision organizations in France for your quick reference. If you have any question about eyes, you can contact the following centers to get more information or contact us for the low vision technology.

European Blind Union (EBU)

The European Blind Union is a non-governmental, non-profit-making European organization founded in 1984. With its large network of member organizations EBU brings together a wealth of expertise related to visual impairment and its implications in the daily life of millions of persons with sight loss. EBU is the voice of blind and partially sighted people in Europe.

Add: 6 rue Gager-Gabillot 75015 Paris, France

Tel: +33 1 47 05 38 20


The Valentin Haüy Association (VHA)

The Valentin Haüy Association was set up in 1889 and accorded charitable status in 1891.

It aims to help the blind and the partially sighted to free themselves from their isolation and bring them the means to lead a normal life. The association actively supports those who cannot see, who no longer see, who have gradually or suddenly lost their sight, so that there is a future for them, whatever their age.

Add: Rendez-vous dans le hall, 5 rue Duroc, 75007 Paris

Tel: 01 44 49 27 27 ext 22 30


Organization for the Prevention of Blindness (OPC)

The OPC (organization pour la Prévention de la Cécité - Organisation for the Prevention of Blindness) is an international NGO with specific expertise in ocular public health. It fights to preserve the sight of as many people as possible in the most deprived populations in French-speaking developing countries.

The OPC works with individuals, health authorities and universities of the countries in which it operates. 

Add: 17 Villa d'Alésia 75014 PARIS

Tel: +33 (0) 1 44 12 41 90


International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment (ICEVI)

The organization of support for visually impaired children in France has been undertaken for a long time by specialized institutions which accommodated the children, often in boarding schools which took care of their schooling, education and rehabilitation. In the last few decades, this situation has changed and there has been a move towards the opening up of these establishments to the ordinary system of schooling and the creation of services which support children in mainstream schools.

Add: INS HEA, 58 avenue des Landes, 92150 Suresnes

Tel: 01 4144 3100


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