Zoomax Facebook Lucky Draw - Win for Love!

Zoomax win for love lucky draw

Confused to choose a gift for your visually impaired family member or friends? We've got you covered: enter Zoomax Win for Love lucky draw!

You will have chance to win:

A free book you commented;

A free handheld video magnifier (Your choice! From M5, M5 HD Plus, Snow 7 HD and Snow 7 HD Plus);

And a free 400 USD gift card (for new Zoomax products released after 1st Nov, 2017)

Wednesday 22th Nov 2017 the winners will be announced on Zoomax Page.

Enter Win for Love!


Q – What can I do with the gift card if US Dollar is not an official currency of my country?

A – For European winner the discount will be 400 EUR. Winner from other countries in which US dollar is not a currency, equivalent coupon of 400 USD will be offered.

Q - How to take the prizes?

A - 

Book: Books will be order via Amazon and delivered to address specified by the winner.

Gift card: An email indicating a discount amount will be sent to the mailbox you enter. To avoid SPAM, there will be no image of a card-like picture. Show your supplier this email when buying to get a discount.

Video Magnifier: Same as books, the video magnifier will be sent to your specified shipping address.

Q - When can I use the gift card?

A – The 400 USD gift card has an available time of 6 months. We will send the gift card email to you before 31 Nov 2017, and you can use the discount during 1st Dec 2017 to 30th June 2018.

Q – Where can I use the gift card?

A – The dealer of Zoomax will be nominated in the gift card email as well as their contact information so you can easily reach them out.

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