New Jersey Blind Citizens Association Received Snow 7 HD Plus

New Jersey Blind Citizens Association received a Snow 7 HD Plus endowment Tuesday from Zoomax to support blindness and low vision community it serves.

The Zoomax Better Vision program supporting more than 20 VI organizations will provide more free devices to non-profit institutes, international aid agencies, special education schools and other organizations engaged in low vision. The devices Zoomax provides include the latest video magnifier, Snow 7 HD Plus, the first and the only 7-inch video magnifier with text-to-speech.

"I was at a township wide event today and brought along the Zoomax with several other products made for the BVI community," said Stacey Stefanski, the association's director. "There were a few inquiries as to what it was, how it worked etc. Some of the inquiries of course were price point, can the volume be adjusted any louder for those that are also hard of hearing, and retailers."

For specifics, please check test review Snow 7 HD Plus Feedback From New Jersey Blind Citizens Association.

The New Jersey Blind Citizens Association, Inc. (NJBCA) is the oldest organization with 106 years serving blind and visually impaired adults in NJ. "Our programs provide educational and social support and include computer instruction, a medical program, peer support groups, and more. NJBCA also offers a physical fitness program with an on-site gym, a popular fine arts program, and holds special interest clubs and outings for clients." said in the New Jersey Blind Citizens Association Facebook page. "We even donate Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV's) for the visually impaired across the state."

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